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Toroidal Power Unit

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The author's learning curve has catapulted past the escape threshold of sensibility, and now considers himself President and Exemplar of the Barking Mad Science Club. [and that was a few years back <--- After the 2013 Disclosure, the Hexatron]

While the following article IS now outdated in vernacular and jargon, it will yet serve as a primer into 3D electro-inertial coupling.

The more barking mad I become, the more determined I am to form a mad science club of high-caliber minds." —DonEMitchell (AZdon)

Contact me... there's so much to apply toward progress, and so little time.

—DonEMitchell –09:26, 9 November 2011 (MST)

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A Toroidal Power Unit (TPU) is the brain child of Steven Mark.

Health Consideration

General resonant or tuned-impulse cross-field designs may produce harmful effects to human neurology at some quality of amplitude, frequency, and wave shape. All due caution is advised. Although a Faraday cage will shield the outside world from inside electromagnetic events, the scalar waves, assumed to be in play caused by Bloch wall propagation through polarized media, cannot be shielded. Distance is advised, even remote operation.

Be aware! RF frequencies of sufficient power can burn human flesh! Google "RF burns".

Steven Mark TPU began a Cult science

Toroidal dual helical cords 640x480.jpg

The inspired hunt for the free-energy secret of success is found in the enthusiastic amateur scientist, excited about transformer effects:

Jason O's Google Video

Otto and Roberto managed to create a surge that wiped out their test equipment.[Citation needed]

Author's note: A high-voltage surge in a TPU or other hyperresonant device may be indication of nucleosonic resonance where nuclei are aligning in phase with EM transients and/or harmonics. This phase coupling would be a storage mechanism, and if the phase-coupling fails there is a great possibility for the stored energy to manifest as a sudden and high voltage.

A Ph.D advised
Sudden voltage spikes are also a note of caution by a Ph.D given to closet-discussions (sub-quantum quaternion topologist), who predicts these spikes will occur within an electrodynamic harmonic resonance of a toroid core entangling with the core matter-lattice nuclear spin-wave polarization.

Plausible Reality of TPU Physics

This author maintains as a toy theory of Reality[1] that electromagnetic fields, proper, do not exist in essence, but only as a macro-pattern of a nuclear-spin-wave tension-gradient within a polarized medium, be it quark, atom, star system, or galaxy.

By this reckoning style, an electrical voltage field and a magnetic flux field are akin to holographic projection of a field apparent[2], created by the nuclear spin-mass coupling into a localized strain system (gravity well, magnetic dipole pattern, dipolar dielectric voltage polarization).

However, the holographic projection is coupled with reality explained with a deeper axiom in mind that affords the near-instantaneous and spooky action at a distance (quoting Einstein).

The communication medium of superluminal information is the density of the vacuum energies —the mechanism of the grand tension space, the singularities of the vacuum energies, a.k.a. Reality.

Differently expressed: An electromagnetic and/or gravitic field is the propensity of the vacuum energies to produce said apparent effects within a region of space-timing by a behavior coherence of the phononic-elasticity of the nuclear spin-mass to a vibration within the energy density within the vacuum-energy continuum. Behavior-coherence is the reaction of an action. The action causes a vibratory pattern in the local vacuum energy foundation, which is a scalar medium of superluminal vibration information. The process of generation of scalar energy patterns and coherence to those patterns as a localized reaction to omnidirectional energy density vibration in the scalar energies all occurs as quantum events at cosmic scales.

To expand this theoretical play toy...

If causal Reality is a behavior-coherence (a stimulated-quantum-transition) of photonic energies to vibration-patterns in the scalar energies, and/or particle-like knots of said photonic energy, into enduring artifact of spin-mass, then, if one creates exotic scalar-energy vibration patterns, one may create exotic energy expressions of exotic behavior-coherence of photonic energy, and spin-mass systems (which bring inertia/gravity into the behaviors-cohered).

Affordingly—one may create the scalar energy vibration patterns of a polarized dielectric (voltage field in space) within a space, and the space affords a voltage field, per se.

The torus provides loop-closure and nature's way of storing potential in matter-lattice strain.

Presently insights on the concept of a nucleo-sonic speed limit, the insight of Frank Znidarsic, suggests that nuclear spin-polarization may follow a strain-system that oscillates at the speed of the quantum transition. This topic is captured in the fictional theme, Nucleosonic psiFi (a reclusive, amateur scientist's pastime).

There is adequate theoretical insight as to the how AND why, at least with sufficient mentation, to design a test. Theory and experiment of a matter-lattice coupling to an electromagnetic resonant envelop is the focus of this author's investigations of TPU-like technologies. Elements of the experiment are suggested in fiction: Nucleosonic Resonator.

At present, the author is designing a high-speed switch (100 million 20ns pulse-cycles per second device maximum, less system delays) enabling, hopefully, precise timing control of desk-top sized electroforms, and smaller. Anecdotal evidence of TPU-like experiments, especially those claims of Stan Deyo on black-operations into large counter-wound iron toroids, suggest a coupling with nuclear spin potential (inertial mass) during certain applications of high-frequency, or high dV/dt, as the operating principle of mass effects and anomalous effects.

TPU-like devices are explored through the Hyperresonator category in a serious personal fashion.

Any friendly contact is welcomed

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Email DonEMitchell aght groupKOS doght com

  1. toy theory of Reality: Digital Plausality, briefly, field-effects at macro-scale by point-like sources is a process of linking nuclear spin into a localized strain-storage system, classically a vector boson.
  2. field apparent: Beyond the Point Particle –A Wave Structure for the Electron; space resonance theory of Milo Wolff (

Claim of TPU Hoax

The Mark Stevens TPU concept is often debunked. The following hoax claim is supported only by the fact that the Molina-Martinez patent application is a toroidal device, and a ferrous core one at that, which is not the case in the video of the TPU device submitted for dissection.

Disturbing investigations for the believer posted by Patric Bailey, Ph.D from Raymond Dale of Perth, Australia. rayd @

Mike Furness shared with me in private correspondence in late 2010 of a visit by Steven Mark to England, that same year, to demonstrate his TPU. The device ran for a good while, by itself, and it was not evident that there were batteries hidden internal, yet no information would be disclosed by Mark, short of $1,000,000 dollars for the secret.

Note: Mike Furness passed from cancer in 2011(?).

Overunity is not free energy

Free energy is a false-hope in the science-fiction category, regardless of the degree of discussion available.

Over-unity is a term not understood by the cargo-cult level of amateur scientist.

A heat pump air-conditioner/heating home unit is exactly an over-unity device. One watt of motor current 'harvest' more than one watt of thermal energy. That is over-unity. It is not free energy, in that it costs to harvest it from the ambient heat energy outside the house.

"Free" energy, like the Zero Point Module of the Star Gate SG1 television series, is not at all what this experimental device is about.

The TPU, now realized since this article was in first draft, may well be pumping energy from sources unknown.

Once science has identified these areas, and once the popular mass learns the terms, an energy-pump concept that translates energy between forms will provide over-unity harvesting at energy scales and efficiencies of a whole new class of operation.

Section added 09:26, 9 November 2011 (MST)

Don't be shy

Please contact me if you have any information or inquirey on derivatives of the TPU device!

See also

This group is using a claim of a free energy device to raise money through donations. It is shown on [Youtube] as a self-running toroid device that powers a load and itself after it is brought up to operating rotational speed by a starting motor that is then turned off.
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